Ships in the night: A surreal encounter with a $27m super yacht

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Ships in the night: A surreal encounter with a $27m super yacht

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Viareggio, Italy (CNN)The maiden voyage of the Aurora -- a new 160-foot, $26.6 million aluminum super yacht launched last week in Viareggio, Italy -- lasted less than one hour and only covered a humble 500 yards.

It also took place entirely on land, when all 320 tons of the boat were loaded atop heavy duty, remote-controlled dollies and carefully rolled from the shed where it was constructed to the edge of the Mediterranean.
Watching an imposing vessel like the Aurora passing through the darkened streets of the scruffy, seaside town, halting traffic and only narrowly avoiding a collision with a streetlight, induces a surreal and somewhat disorienting feeling. But for those more immersed in the world of bespoke luxury yachts, surreal is perhaps the norm.
The maiden voyage of the Aurora took place entirely on land, when it was rolled from the shed where it was constructed to the edge of the Mediterranean.
"Viareggio is famous for this reason," says Federico Rossi, COO of Rossinavi, the family-owned and operated company that built the Aurora. "Our tradition is to see vessels that go around in the city during the night."
Young millennial buyers
What isn't tradition is the age of the Aurora buyer; the latest entry into the rarefied world of super yacht ownership -- who, although present for the unveiling where he mingled with guests, wishes to remain anonymous -- is only 30 years old.
"Generally, the customer is 55 to 70," Frederico, himself only 39, explains. The Rossi family takes pride in satisfying all customers, 25 years outside of the usual age range or not.
In spending power, the buyer of the Aurora -- who is from Switzerland -- fits the profile of the typical Rossinavi client. His age is the most noticeable exception and also marks a potential turning point for the company.
Research conducted by Rossinavi suggests that the average yacht owner is getting younger; they believe it may shift in the next 20 years to include more buyers in their 30s.
Rossinavi COO Federico Rossi and Architect and interior designer Achille Salvagni survey the Aurora; interior elements will be put in place once the ship is in the water.
Last year, the company partnered with the International University of Monaco to research what yachts for millennials could look like, focusing on environmental impact, implementation of new technology, safety concerns and updated aesthetics.
While acknowledging that super yachts for millennials is a niche corner of an already niche industry, Federico is enthusiastic about what tapping that market could mean for Rossinavi.
"Yachts are a conservative business. People generally want the same boat: classic," he says. "Millennials are used to going outside the general boundaries. For us, it's a great opportunity -- shipyards that can take this [demographic] into consideration are only shipyards that build full custom ships."


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